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Events Photography From The Air

Events come in many different sizes and for various reasons. Whether it's public or private, events are always a great opportunity for capturing images from the air. And with so many reasons why events occur, some amazing imagery can result from any assembly of people who organize and come together for reasons of celebration, promotion, reunion, entertainment, fund-raising, politics and more.


Event photography can be difficult. It's tougher than other forms of photography because it requires the elements of timing and location. If you're not at the right spot at the right time, you won't get another chance to go back and do it again. For that reason, an event photographer must plan to get to a safe area where he can effectively set up his equipment in time for the perfect shots. And although the situation might be somewhat stressful, an event photographer is not there for his own enjoyment, rather for the satisfaction of the client.

Pope Francis Visit to Mexico

Pope Francis arrived to a peaceful crowd of 200,000 next to the U.S. Mexican border in Ciudad Juarez Mexico, on February 17th 2016. Pictures of the event can be seen from photos taken from our unmanned drone on the U.S. side of the border. Francis visited Juárez as part of his five-day journey into Mexico. There were no violent incidents during the pope's visit, and maybe as a result of a 25-mile-long human chain that aimed to protect his route.

This was the first time that he visited Mexico as the pontiff. Many came to hear his messages as he focused on problems of violence, drugs and migration. He completed his trip with a visit to a Juarez prison, just days after a riot in another lockup killed 49 inmates.

Southwest University Park

After the El Paso Chihuahuas ballpark was designated as "Southwest University Park," the Chihuahuas began playing at the stadium in 2014. The first game was on April 28, 2014, a 2-1 loss to Fresno in 13 innings. The aerial photo depicting the flyover on July 3, 2014 was in dedication of the team and the fans.

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