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Aerial Photos El Paso

Aerial Photos El Paso is a leading aerial photography studio in Texas. We offer photography services for anyone in need of photographic film and digital imagery taken from the air. More specifically, we offer services to anyone in Texas who needs photos of their property or event from a higher perspective, either by manned or unmanned aircraft. Aerial Photos El Paso

Aerial Photography Services

We have a greater range of photography services than your typical photography studio. Taking high quality photographs from the air involves a unique skill, and Aerial Photos El Paso has the skill and resources to meet almost any demand for capturing images for high or low levels, distant shots, close-ups, and panoramic views.

We accept requests for a wide variety of aerial projects, including:

  • commercial buildings
  • residential property
  • rural areas
  • distant landscapes
  • construction progress
  • special requests for events that require a specific aerial itinerary

Aerial Photography El Paso services provide breathtaking views of buildings, events, nature and so much more. Yes, the sky is the limit when we consider the imagery made possible by aircraft. Views from the air are often so much different than familiar objects on the ground that they are now unrecognizable. Indeed, our intention is to produce the photos of your desires, and give you a breathtaking perspective on a completely different world. We want to lift you above your familiar surroundings so that your imagination might re-create the landscape down below.


Our unique ability to perform difficult shots from the air enables us to produce amazing imagery for anyone who needs once-in-a-lifetime photos from above. We have the ability to perform difficult assignments...

  • Football stadiums with fans
  • Mountain tops
  • Construction progress
  • Downtown cityscapes
  • Freeway systems

Our overall services include...

  • Government Contracts
  • Aerials
  • Legal / Forensic
  • Advertising
  • Model Portfolios
  • Animals / Pets
  • Motion Picture Stills
  • Architecture
  • Photojournalism
  • Commercial
  • Sports Action
  • Concerts / Events
  • Stock Images
  • Exec. Portraiture
  • Families / Groups
  • Construction progress photos to specs.

History From The Air

If you're in need of historical imagery, we can provide you with original photos of historical sites from the air, or anywhere on the ground. El Paso is a historical town, and if you're looking for historical photos, then we may already have what you're looking for in our archives. If not, we will do our best to satisfy your specific needs. We understand the vital role of our special skills and how they have evolved into what they are today.

Aerial photography is often praised for its ability to take a camera lens high in the sky and reveal the beauty of our planet's surface. Shots can also be taken from a horizontal vantage point at the same elevation as the object being photographed, such as taking pictures of birds and various aircraft in flight. Regardless of your project requirements, we can handle your requirements and surprise you with some amazing perspectives.


Aerial shots of industrial areas can unveil details that you might not have noticed from the ground, giving you a whole new outlook on a company's facilities and infrastructure. Yes, the lesser known art of "industrial photography" creates a unique beauty all its own, and one in which can be appreciated much more from the air.

Aerial Photos El Paso - Industrial


Aerial Photos El Paso has provided the Southwest with aerial photography for construction progress, real estate and photojournalism since 1978.

Aerial Assignments: We provide one-time assignments and construction progress contracts that include monthly views of a site or area from survey and groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. We shoot destruction progress as well.

Our membership in Professional Aerial Photographers Association International (PAPA) gives us the ability to take pictures from the air anywhere in the world.

Equipment: We fly fixed-winged aircraft and helicopters, depending on requirements and restrictions. Any altitude from 20'ft to 10,000'ft. We use only high resolution professional cameras and lenses.

Diversity: Most of our assignments take us to individual construction sites or real estate zones, but we are currently photographing two highway projects spanning several miles each.

Exclusivity: The aerial images belong to the client. We never resell archived images. This is especially important in Real Estate Photography where sites might be scouted for possible retail locations or restaurant construction.

Delivery: Same-day delivery of images is routine. We can upload them to our FTP and send them to any e-mail address worldwide. We can do it old school as well by burning the images to disc and printing out numbered and indexed proofs at no extra charge. For editorial assignments, we can even transmit images from the aircraft during flight.

Because of our schedule, we can add any area or site to our aerial route at a reduced rate.

Special Project Requests

We will also accept requests for online photo galleries set up for your specific event and design it in the way you want. Galleries can be made accessible to the public or accessible for private viewing only through protected password. Slideshows, or a combination of slideshow and photo gallery, can also be provided upon request. Options for hosting and storage can be provided upon request.

Photo Galleries

We are always making changes to this website, so we would like to invite you to come back and visit us on a regular basis. Our photo gallery is still in the beginning stages, however, we're currently uploading more aerial pictures and increasing the overall size of the galleries in order to include more categories. These categories include:

  • Real estate
  • Events
  • Architecture
  • Outdoors
  • Construction in progress
  • Destruction in progress
  • Land surveys
  • Industrial scenes

See photo galleries »

Texas, nicknamed the Lone Star State, is the largest of the lower 48 States. The highly varied topography has had 6 different flags from sovereign nations wave over it, and has ten climatic regions and 11 different ecological regions. The topography types feature mountains, forests, hill country, flat desert plains, interior prairies and coastal plains, giving the opportunity for some amazing video projects.

Real Estate Photography

What better way to showcase a section of prime real estate than aerial photography? The reason more clients are requesting videos is because it's the only medium that makes potential buyers feel like they're experiencing a first-hand tour. If you want your property to sell in a short period of time, Aerial Photos El Paso will provide prospective clients with photos and videos to create an impressive experience.

We provide real estate drone photography services involving land and property photos taken from the air. We accept requests for a wide variety of real estate projects, including residential property, rural areas, and construction progress, from the ground or air.

General Photography

We have been in the photography industry for several decades now. Our skill and experience has evolved out of the accumulation of various assignments all over the world and has enabled us to accept visual projects for commercial, architecture, photojournalism, sports, entertainment, wildlife, aerial and fine art photography.


We have the ability to shoot just about any event you have, including sporting events, large sponsored events, and aerial pictures of well-known people. Events are often centered around people, and when people are the main focus of the event, we can capture the expressions that make the event come to life. Event photography is more than just aiming the camera at the event itself, it's about waiting for the people in the event to provide emotion, excitement and movement. We have the skills to make it all happen and bring your event to life on video or digital format.


Based out of El Paso Texas, our service area ranges from Southwest Texas to Eastern, Northern and Central areas of Texas, all of which is familiar terrain to us. Our regular stops include El Paso, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, as well as Eastern New Mexico and beyond. See our location»

Photojournalism From The Air

Telling stories through photographs is what we do best. We continue the traditional belief of older journalism techniques that combine images with written words. Although photojournalism has not changed much over the years, the advancements of equipment used in aerial photography has made it much easier and faster for us to cover your event. The advent of modern fixed wing aircraft and helicopter has given us the opportunity to capture amazing perspectives on what's happening in your event from the air.

We understand the vital role of aerial photography and how it has helped us to understand things from a different perspective. For example, capturing images of historical landmarks helps us to better understand the history behind them. Landmarks are not the only opportunity, aircraft can also capture images of people, places and events, and essentially transform them into a visual story.


Our formats include color, black and white and digital.


Aerial Photos El Paso is a subsidiary of Brian Kanof Photography.

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Aerial Photography Services:

  • Construction Progress
  • Destruction Progress
  • Real Estate
  • Editorials
  • Photojournalism
  • Land Surveys
  • Events


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